Vapvana Origin Story

Vapvana Origin Story

Our journey began with an idea to create a company focused on modular glass rigs and accessories designed specifically for Dry Herb Vaporizers.

Over a year and a half later, we are ready to bring our first product to market.

Here's a look at how we got to this point:

The Biz Before The Biz

In October 2021, we started working on the first accessory for a popular dry herb vape. We reached out to over 10 manufacturers to source the different parts for the accessory.

Glass Dynavap Stem Prototype

(Glass Dynavap Stem Prototype)

What We Learned

After spending a few months working on our first idea, here are some things we learned along the way:

  • Finding the ‘source’ can be difficult on Alibaba and similar sites
    • Some businesses are third party sellers and charge higher prices than the direct to manufacturer pricing.
    • Quality Control can vary from company to company
      • We experienced a lot of issues with products being different than designs or having visible issues (glass cracks).
      • Be careful what information you share
        • Depending on what company you work with, they may or may not be willing to keep your designs private.

      • Going from idea to design to final product takes multiple iterations
        • Nothing goes as planned, be prepared to roll with the punches!

      Finding The Right Partner

      After investing in multiple sample orders, and not being satisfied with the quality, we decided to stop working with almost all of the manufacturers we reached out to, except one.

      There was one manufacturer who stood out from the rest, and who had similar principles as our own.

      We discussed different product ideas, and eventually decided that we wanted to create a ‘ball vape’ together.

      Selfie of Cal, Paul, & Joe in San Francisco

      (Founder of Vapvana (left) meeting the owner of our manufacturer (middle) and their customer Joe (right) in San Francisco - April 2023)

      Quartz Or Bust

      Coming from the dab world, our initial bias was that quartz is the best material for flavor.

      We were adamant about the design being 100% quartz without any metal in the airpath, until we did further testing.

      Quartz Coil Vape Prototype Mockup

      (All Quartz Design Mockup - February 2022)

      Breaking Thru Biases

      One of the challenges we’ve faced is trying to make decisions without our biases. Keeping an open mind has been helpful for the growth and development of our products.

      After testing a titanium prototype of a different design, we realized that we should be more open to using different materials. 

      Throwing Spaghetti At The Wall

      After agreeing to create a Titanium version before a quartz one, we tested multiple design concepts based on the current options available in December 2021 (DC Elev8r & FlowerPot B1 & B2).

      Design Concepts Tested & Results:

      Design Concepts



      25mm Enclosed Coil Injector


      Too bulky - wasn’t efficient with heat

      25mm Exposed Coil Diffuser


      Most efficient setup at low temps

      16mm Exposed Coil Injector


      Didn’t work as well as 25mm diffuser

      16mm Exposed Coil Diffuser


      Airflow too restricted


      Media Tested & Results:

      Material Shape Size Result Notes
      Corundum (Ruby)




      Too much airflow for our preference

      Corundum (Ruby)
      Sphere 3mm Skip

       Best for injector Style

      Corundum (Sapphire) Sphere 3mm Skip No noticeable difference with corundum colors
      Corundum (Ruby) Gem 4mm Skip Works similar to 3mm spheres, too much airflow for 25mm coil
      Corundum (Ruby) Gem 3mm Skip Good performance with slightly more airflow than 2.5mm 
      Corundum (Ruby) Gem 2.5mm Winner Performs best at low temp with balanced airflow
      SiC Sphere 4mm Skip Muted flavor compared to the 4mm corundum sphere
      Zirconia Sphere 4mm Skip No noticeable benefits
      Alumina Sphere 4mm Skip No noticeable benefits


      Prototype, Test, Iterate, Repeat

      It took ~10 iterations of prototypes to get the product experience good enough to meet our own standards.

      Some issues we ran into were:

      • Metal Expansion when hot
        • The housing was getting stuck to the bowl
        • The bowl joint was getting stuck to the glass joint

      • Securing the gems with maximum airflow
        • The mesh screens would fall out from dropping the head on the ground (at certain heights)

      Collaborations Are Key

      Things wouldn’t have been where they are today if there wasn’t help from collaborators along the way.

      We are grateful that our manufacturer works with Recommended Vape Supplies and included them as a beta tester throughout the whole process.

      Their feedback & support along the way has been an invaluable part of the process.

      Paying Our Respects

      We want to say thank you to all the companies, makers, creators, enthusiasts, etc who have paved the way forward for the Cannabis Vaping Community.

      Things would not have been possible without us taking the time to research and test other products available.

      Shout out to:


      Cannabis Hardware

      Qaroma Shop

      Oconnell Woodworks


      Cloud Connoisseur

      Fuck Combustion

      420 Vapezone

      Troy & Jerry


      Plus all community members we had a chance to interact with along the way, or have contributed to any of the online communities.

      Where We Are Today (June '23)

      Getting To The Starting Line

      Being an ENThusiast ourselves, we believe that each product has to meet our standards before being released to the public.

      If the products don't meet our standards, or there are changes we know we have to make, we will continue to make progress before gathering other users' feedback.

      Over 10 iterations later, the current version of the 'E-Vap' has met our standards and we are ready for your help.

      Early Adopters Round

      After getting the current version to our standards, we know we won't be able to get the product retail ready without your help.

      The first round of production is complete, and we are looking for our first 50 early adopters who will help shape the future of our product and company.


      R&D Accessories & New Products

      Although it's taken longer than expected to bring our first product to market, we are also excited to share other projects we have in the works.

      Because we have been daily dabbers for the past ~8 years, our goal is to offer products for all forms of cannabis vaporizing, including concentrates and dry herbs.

      *Have an idea for a product? Or want to collaborate on a project? Send us a message and let's connect*

      Foundation Building

      Our vision is to create a platform and ecosystem bigger than ourselves, and we know we can't do that without the support of you and other community members.

      Because our mission is to build community through the cannabis consumption, we plan to re-invest all company profits to pave the way forward for future innovation.

      The Future Of Vapvana

      Three core pillars drive the future of Vapvana and the decisions we make.


      The most important reason, and the one that motivates us the most, is the amazing community around cannabis consumption.

      We have been amazed and humbled by how many people we've had a chance to connect with all over the world who also love vaping cannabis.

      Online Community Platform

      We are in the process of building an online community platform where we will post updates, interact with community members, have virtual seshes, and much more.

      *This section will be updated once the platform is live!*

      Events & Meetups

      From regional meetups, to local events, our goal is to re-invest into community by offering experiences that bring fellow ENThusiasts together.

      Funding Community Projects

      Have a great idea for a community driven project? Let's collaborate and bring your idea to life! Send us a message to chat more.


      Selfie of Corey & Cal Working On A Glass Prototype

      (Corey (left) from Obvlivion Glass working on a prototype with Cal (right) the founder of Vapvana)

      Our goal is to create an ecosystem where different makers, creators and companies can collaborate on projects together.

      We also have a passion for glass & local glass artists, and have been working with an artist in Arizona to prototype a new dry catch with pass through.

      We are currently working with another company on a DHV collaboration, and are just one message away from starting to chat about us working together :)



      We are addicted to new vaporizing tech, and we believe the future is bright for cannabis vaping products.

      With new ideas being tested currently, we are excited for what the future holds.

      By bringing more awareness to cannabis vaping, we believe it will lead to more overall innovation.

      Have a great idea or innovation? Send us a message to chat more.

      A Message From Our Founder

      Dear Cannabis Vaping Community,
      I am truly honored and grateful for the opportunity to serve this community.
      It's been a surreal experience going from being another enthusiast who browses the forums, to having an idea for a product, to bringing that product to life, and now launching the product into the wild.
      I know I wouldn't be where I am today without the help of everyone who has contributed to the community.
      If you are reading this right now - thank you for taking the time to learn about my story.
      I hope this company can be a platform to help continue grow this amazing community.
      With love and gratitude,
      Cal Costanzo
      PS - Have a question? Want to chat? Send an email to and let's connect